Containerized Dust Suppression Systems

Fully automated, centralized and containerized

Containerized Dust Suppression Systems

A fully automated, centralized and containerized chemical dust suppression system capable of delivering a water chemical solution to several treatment positions where local airborne dust particles can be mitigated, or the target material can be treated to prevent dust from becoming airborne.

Containerized Dust Suppression Systems

No interaction from plant personnel is required and treatment commences automatically upon receipt of permissive signals provided by installed sensors and customer provided plant running and other signals.  The Dust Suppression Systems are capable of serving each of the treatment areas independently and automatically and typical installations are truck tips, crushers, feeders, screens, rail and truck loadout.

These robust Dust Suppression Systems are easily expandable to other areas or plants and designed for a life expectancy of more than 20 years. It employs advanced automation technology that ensures stable pressure and chemical delivery. The systems may also be linked to control rooms via industry standard communication protocols. Remote control and monitoring are possible through the internet on smartphones and computers.

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